Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant

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4819 East Main Street, Berlin, OH 44610
(330) 893-4000
M-W 5:30-3:30 Th-S 5:30-7:30 Closed Sunday
If you come to Ohio’s Amish Country and ask, “Where do the locals eat?” you’ll only get one answer: Boyd & Wurthmann’s. 
The restaurant has been a community staple since its opening in 1938, when its daily specials cost 40 cents and a slice of pie was only 15 cents. Today, the prices have changed a little, but it’s not just the 99 cent cup of coffee that keeps the locals coming back daily with lines out the door. It’s the fact that this beacon of the community has remained largely unchanged in more than 75 years! And in a community that places a high priority on tradition, that’s exactly what makes it a hometown favorite. 
There are no reservations at Boyd & Wurthmann, which is why you’ll often see a line out the door when you come by — even at 5:30 a.m., when we open. Our regulars are locals who sit at the same table every morning, with the same cup of coffee and the same hearty, homemade cuisine. 
The menu is down-home favorites, with breakfast and lunch being served daily and dinners only served on Friday and Saturday. Daily specials are posted online at, and the pie menu varies daily. Depending which fruits are in season, you can expect to choose from 15-20 homemade pie flavors every day.
If you’re looking for an authentic, no-frills dining experience on your next trip to Amish Country, you won’t want to miss Boyd & Wurthmann’s. The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Berlin, Ohio, a bustling tourist destination with much to offer its visitors. Downtown Berlin is very walkable, with plenty of Amish furniture and handmade goods on sale at the dozens of shops you’ll find nearby. 
There are plenty of popular Amish Country lodging options near Boyd & Wurthmann’s in downtown Berlin, or in neighboring Walnut Creek, Sugarcreek, and Millersburg. Be sure to stop in during your next visit!