Words of the Week - Sharing an Experience

Posted by Amish Country Insider. on 26th Apr 2018

Common words and phrases are most easily learned when immersed in a language or culture where it is used. When we can no longer escape or get by with our common language, our brain kicks into overdrive to get to a position of being able to learn. However we can be prepared for situations that will arise, thus making our experience that much more pleasant.

Eventually, we all need to tell a story or share an experience. This happened to me the other day as I was sharing my experience of food that had gone bad. I was reminded of a few words while sharing my story that inspired today's words. You will find these words could well come in handy if you remember them while traveling. 

Avoh - but/however

beltzich - stale (food)

bodrussa - disappointed

fasucha - taste

These words were not particularly used in the same story, however they seemed to fit with my general thoughts of sharing something with someone in story form.