Word of the Week - Lebish

Posted by Amish Country Insider on 28th Dec 2017

May all your food be tasty! 

Great food is the icing on the cake to a great time with family and friends. 

We all anticipate and compliment each other on how good the food tastes. There are times however when our meal does not taste that great. Some times it's the recipe that doesn't quite cut it. 

So for those times when the food is not quite up to par, I have a word for you. 

This weeks word is


- meaning bland/no flavor

it sounds the same as it's spelled in normal English.

Des essah is bissel lebish.

This food is a little bland.

So I really hope this is a phrase or word you won't have to use often. However I know you will most likely use it once.

Happy New Year

Amish Country Insider