Word of the Week - Glicklich

Posted by Amish Country Insider on 2nd Feb 2018

Hello Insiders,

I am behind a few days, normally I am working not the word of the week earlier. However I hope you enjoy this weeks word. The word this week is one that can be used on a day to day basis. It could be used often in conversations and used in expressions. That being said I have three phrases today that will use the word. You will enjoy learning this one.

The word this week is:

glicklich - fortunate/lucky
glick-li-eh Press you tongue against your bottom teeth at the end (eh)
Du bisht glicklich. - You are fortunate

Vie glicklich bisht due fa sel hova. - How lucky are you to have that.

Glicklich Freitag. - Lucky Friday.

Enjoy your weekend

Amish Country Insider