Word of the Week (Farm Edition)

Posted by Amish Country Insider on 20th Dec 2017

I grew up on a farm, the same farm my mother grew up as a child. My parents moved back to this farm to help my grandparents run the farm and look after them once they were older. This is something common in the Amish community.

I loved growing up helping my dad and grandpa on the farm. Riding horses, driving tractors and making fences were all great fun. One of the few things I disliked was the fact that most days on my birthday, we would be baling hay.

Monday evening I was over visiting Grandpa and we came across a few words in our conversation that I thought you would enjoy.

1st word

Felsa - big rock or bolder

Pronounced - Fel-sah" 

In a sentence

Bayh der felsa. 

By the big rock.

2nd word

Poshtah - Post

Pronounced - Pøsh-tah

In a sentence

Grik der fence postah.

Get the fence post.

3rd word

Foodah ghang - feed alley

Pronounced - foo-duh-gong

In a sentence

Sel ess-sah gaet navih der foodah ghang - 

That food goes next to the feed alley.


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