Farmerstown Furniture: Family Owned For 46 Years

Posted by Ohio Amish Country Guide on 14th Sep 2015

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” That’s a popular saying that at times may sound cliché, but it applies very well at Farmerstown Furniture. “Change” is a word we hear a l … read more

Moreland Fruit Farm: “Food Less Traveled”

14th Sep 2015

Fred and Marilyn Finney are first generation owners of Moreland Fruit Farm Ltd. Steve, our oldest son, is part owner and a full-time second generation farmer. His brothers, Chris and Brian, an … read more

Bunker Hill Hardware, The Home For Homesteaders

Posted by Ohio Amish Country Guide on 14th Sep 2015

Bunker Hill Hardware is owned and operated by Javon and Becky Miller and their sons Brandon and Jayden. They also have a daughter Emily helping in the store. Javon grew up on the farm and has b … read more

World Crafts Fair Trade Offers Consumers “Purchasing Power”

Posted by Ohio Amish Country Guide on 14th Sep 2015

What is “purchasing power”? If you are a consumer (and who isn't) it means, simply, how much product you can get for your money. None of us wants to waste our hard-earned money. But what if you … read more

Amish Heartland Tours Offering Back Road Tour Experiences

Posted by Ohio Amish Country Guide on 8th Sep 2015

After 24 years of offering tours to Ohio’s Amish Country, the number one question is, “What’s new in the area?” The answer to that question is now “You can be your own tour guide.” Amish Heart … read more

Erb’s Stove Center Gives a Warm Family Feeling

Posted by Ohio Amish Country Guide on 8th Sep 2015

When Ray and Jenny Dechant stopped at Erb’s Stove Center to look for a fireplace, they didn’t expect to one day feel like family. But that’s exactly what happened. “When you become a custom … read more

Quality Hardwood Furniture by Country Hill Furnishings

Posted by Amish Country Insider. on 2nd Jun 2015

Just like their name, Country Hill Furnishings is located out in the country, in the beautiful rolling hills of Ohio’s Amish Country. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience buying k … read more

Barbecue Basics

1st Jun 2015

When to Start Cooking: Gas grills are ready to cook on in just minutes after lighting. For best results, pre-heat for about 10 minutes. For charcoal-burning grills, you must wait for the flam … read more

Miller's Dutch Kitch'n Dishing Out Satisfaction for 42 Years!

Posted by Ohio Amish Country Guide on 4th Nov 2014

This fall marks 42 years, that Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n has been dishing-out satisfaction, in every plate! In 2011, they were listed in an article by as a 2011 Hometown Favorite!&nb … read more