Word of the Week - Gale Reeva

Posted by Amish Country Insider. on 12th Feb 2018

Hello Insiders,

It’s that time again,

Your turn to learn a few more words in Pennsylvania Deutsch.

Today I have the name for most people's favorite vegetable or one of them. Also I thought it would be fun do give you a few descriptive words to learn as well.

Gale reeva - Carrots

Gale - Rree-vah

Grik som gale reeva funn der garten.

Get some carrots from the garden.

Interestingly enough like many words today, colors are quite similar in Pennsylvania Deutsch and English. They are usually said with a heavy German accent.

Orange, would be pronounced Oran-cha.

Red - Rrot

Blue - Bloeh

Green - Greeh

Purple - Purple

Brown - Brah

The exceptions are as following

Yellow - Galeh

Black - Shwatts

White - Vahs

Keep on learning, you will love being able to share a few words with the locals when your traveling. 

Have a great day

Amish Country Insider