Word of the Week - Smutz Biks

Posted by Amish Country Insider on 22nd Jan 2018

Hello Insiders

I have a few fun words for you today. The word I am sharing is not one that everyone would use regularly. However I am certain that many would be familiar with it. Certainly if you grew up in a rural community, farming or similar. 

Smutz Biks (Sh-mutz Bix) - Grease gun, used to grease joints, ball bearings in farm equipment most commonly. 

Used in a phrase

(Father and son preparing the cutter for making hay bales)

Gep mih selloh smutz biks bah dih. 

Give me that grease gun by you. 

A note on the spelling, there is no official written form of Pennsylvania Deutsch. All the spellings is by the individual writing. That being said, spelling and style of speaking will differ based on where the individual is from. Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and other places will speak and spell differently than Ohio. 

None the less I hope that you enjoy learning a few words.