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Word of the Week - Spring Time

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Spring as arrived and winter has most certainly left for this year. The sun is shining more often, flowers are in bloom. Chirping birds make you smile as you enjoy the sunshine from your front porch. Spring time has inspired a few words that may be floating around amish homes. Gardening, growing vegetables in gardens and freshening up the house from a long winter of wood burning stoves and furnaces burning to keep the house and occupants warm.

Flower – blumme

Flies - mookah

Rain - rraudah

Strawberry - aupbaudah

Spring Cleaning -fri-yaw boottsah

Sunshine - sunnah- shan

Words of the Week - Sharing an Experience

Common words and phrases are most easily learned when immersed in a language or culture where it is used. When we can no longer escape or get by with our common language, our brain kicks into overdrive to get to a position of being able to learn. However the we can be prepared for situations [...]

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Recipe: Baked Potato Soup

1 quart shredded potatoes, cooked2/3 cup butter2/3 cup flour¾ tsp salt¼ tsp black pepper6 cups milk1 cup sour creamonions to taste10 bacon strips, fried and crumbled5 slices Velveeta cheeseMelt butter. Stir in flour, salt, and pepper. Gradually add milk and bring to a boil. Cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Add sour cream, potatoes, bacon, onions, and cheese. Serve with crushed Doritos and crackers. Serves 12.Karen Miller, Trail OH

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Words of the Week - The Shop Edition

I have recently been taking an interest in a local blacksmith shop. Also a knife maker has started up a shop in local Sugarcreek. Sugarcreek is known as the “Little Switzerland of Ohio”. Tim and Jesse have been working on creating some awesome knives there. Another artist of metal is currently in the blacksmith shop in [...]

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Word of the Week - Inspired by Verbie Miller

I had the pleasure of meeting an elderly women from the community a few weeks ago. She wrote down a list of old Amish words that are not used much anymore by the younger generation. She told me a few stories that are associated with her memory of these words. Some of these words are [...]

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To the East

 We have been writing about how and when the Amish and Mennonites came to America and the unique challenges they faced. At the same time that these Anabaptists were coming to America, others were moving eastward. While not connected as closely to the history of the Amish, these people are a part of our Anabaptist community both historically and in [...]

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The Hochstetler family who was attacked by Indians while living on the frontier in Berks County, Pennsylvania.This happened early on the morning of September 20 or 21, 1757.The Indians killed Mrs. Hochstetler, one son, and a daughter, and took the husband and father, Jacob, and two sons, Joseph and Christian, captive.In addition, the Hochstetlers had a son and daughter, John [...]

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Death on the Frontier

As a small boy growing up in our community, I often heard stories about the past.One of the most frequently told stories was about an incident that happened in 1757.As a boy, I supposed that the story had occurred in the woods behind our house.Such is the case with stories from the past.They often have an influence much [...]

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Cream Cheese Cookies

3 ¾ cup sugar1 2/3 cup margarine1 2/3 cup shortening5 eggs5 TBSP baking powder2 ½ tsp salt5 TBSP vanilla8 ¾ cup flourMix sugar, butter, shortening, and eggs. Add baking powder, salt, vanilla, and flour. Bake at 350 degrees. Immediately press your thumb into the middles. Cool completely. Prepare the filling.Filling:4 ½ cups powdered sugar8 oz cream cheese, softened3 TBSP vanilla6 TBSP flourFill the holes in the cookies with cream cheese mixture. Prepare the topping.Topping:½ cup butter2 [...]

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Settling New Lands

Here in America, the Amish and Mennonites settled on lands they could finally own themselves.Here they could raise their families and their crops and finally find some peace from the oppression that they and their ancestors had suffered under.Here they could finally find the peace that they had so desperately sought to worship in ways that they felt God [...]

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