Word of the Week - Animal Names

Posted by Amish Country Insider. on 28th Feb 2018

Hello Insiders,

I was looking at my list of words to share with you today. I was undecided which animal to use, so they all are going at the same time. There isn't going to be any sentences for each animal, just a list. An interesting thing that I did in making this list was to look up the "High German" translation. Some were quite similar or the same and a few were quite different. 

These below were shared with me by and elder gentlemen. He also did his best to spell them for me as he would spell them. However for a few, the spelling in the "High German" seemed a better fit so I used that. 


Schwalma - Swallow

Schildkröte - turtle

voyh - hawk

poohahna - peacock

schtaikaitslay - screech Owl

schpeck mouse - bat

Zaunkönig - wren